Established in 2021, Whitby Auto Recycling is the new kid on the block in the car parts game

Established in 2021, Whitby Auto Recycling are the new kids on the block in the car parts game!

We’re out here specializing in recycling salvaged vehicles and scrap metal, but we do offer lower mileage vehicles for sale, vehicles that are just too precious to feed to Mr. Chompo (see below). We have a massive lot that holds hundreds of vehicles for you to check out. Maybe you’re looking for parts? We offer them for great prices! And If there’s something we don’t have, we can scout for it and find it in no time using an automated part retrieval system. If you’ve got a car you’d like to sell, we’ll give you a competitive buyout price for it!

We’re truly committed to bringing exceptional customer service and honest business to the community, and finally an auto yard that’s close to home and competitive.




A man of culture, I see? You’ve chosen to read the special bit about Mr. Chompo. Chompo’s always hungry and crushes old vehicles so they can easily be transported for recycling, You see, we’re not very big on industrial waste and landfills, so we do our part to see otherwise waste materials getting a second chance at life — it’s good for the plants and animals, and keeps the planet cleaner and greener!

Chompo’s pretty cool, can you guess what his favourite pastime is? Here are the options:

  1. Crushing cars
  2. Crushing cars
  3. Crushing cars

If you guessed crushing cars, you’re wrong! Chompo actually likes bird watching a lot more, and really appreciates when people feed them — so don’t cheap out on the feed and use seeds instead of bread.